Dekko Accessories Ltd & Agami Accessories Ltd is proud to accomplish some of the responsibilities towards the betterment of people and environment.


Donation in Natural Crisis For Flood affected workers:

We have provided financial support to the flood affected workers to rebuild their houses which were destroyed in flood.

CSR Activities for COVID 19:

  • Relief funded for around 1500 unprivileged families living in our communities with basic food & hygiene products
  • Distribution of 10,000 PPEs (face masks, face shields & hand sanitizers to the front liners. Medical doctors, paramedics, nurses in Dhaka Medical College, Khulna Medical, BIRDEM and in rehabilitation centers like CRP and journalists across Bangladesh.

Collaboration with Vision Spring, USA for Free Workers’ Eye screening:

Workers received free eye test and are prescribed with glasses for free and up to 60% discount on cataract surgery (if required/prescribed).All of our factory workers had their eye health screened and medically treated.

Hygiene, Drinking water & Dental Health Awareness Program:

These programs are collaborated with Unilever. Free dental checkup camps will be set up soon in collaboration with Unilever & Pepsodent. Event activation is being delayed due to COVID situation.

Art Competition for Workers’ Children:

Providing a platform for the workers’ children to showcase their talent on painting. To inspire them more, we financially rewarded 15 children with best paintings and those were published in the company’s corporate calendar for 2019.

Free Library Facilities for Workers & their Children:

Library facilities for workers and their children has started its operation to encourage our workers, employees and their children in gaining lifelong knowledge. Arrangement for 1500 books with free access has been made

Merit based Scholarship for workers’ children:

With the collaboration of Unilever, we activated the merit scholarship to the workers’ children .Shortlisted students (workers’ children) are receiving scholarship monthly.

Projects in Pipeline:

Mental health awareness for Workers & Cervical Cancer Awareness Program.


As a LEED Platinum and LCA certified company, we believe in our responsibility towards our environment.

  • We save 59.70% potable water.
  • We enjoy 30% fresh air indoor.
  • 20% of our factory area is indoor garden.
  • Our Energy Efficiency is 45.45% by implementing various ways.
  • We harvest rainwater and reuse.
  • We do solid recycling waste by 95%.
  • 66% chemical consumption savings.
  • 26% savings on GHG Emissions (KgCO2eq.)
  • 47% savings on Wastewater Generation.