About Dekko Accessories Ltd.

The Finest In Apparel Accessories

Dekko Accessories Ltd, established in 1993 with the most advanced state of the art technology, has by now emerged as one of the global market leaders in garments accessories industry. We are the only garments accessories manufacturing company to achieve LEED Platinum Certification in the globe.

A new venture in 2001, Agami accessories Ltd, has been formed and is considered to be the first and largest metal trims and accessories manufacturing unit in Bangladesh. Agami is the only local metal trim manufacturer who has all types of sustainability certificates. Apart from LEED Platinum certificate, it has also achieved Life cycle assessment ( LCA),Global Recycling Standard (GRS),RCS,OEKO-Tex.

To meet the market demands, we are constantly thriving with our high quality product ranges to satisfy the international market.

Dekko Accessories Ltd & Agami Accessories Ltd hold themselves as socially and environmentally responsible company and is also the market leader in producing sustainable and eco-friendly product ranges in garments accessories.